KTL-Logistik provides high-quality and diverse services in the maritime container transport, road transport, transport of cargo.

Freight forwarding services today – is an integral part of modern trade. The ability to dispatch correctly and optimally organize the transport of goods from one point to another success today depends on business partnerships.

Our services are aimed at reducing the risks that accompany international processes of buying and selling of goods, transportation, handling and warehousing.

Our benefits:

– Individual approach to every customer service;
– Efficiency inspections and reporting;
– Preparation of reports of international standard;
– Professional team of experts;
– Laboratory tests;
– International support.

Freight forwarding services in its complete set as follows:

– Optimization of the route and the choice of transport mode
– Coordination of documents A transportation
– Organization of sending goods from point of origin and execution of all formalities connected with this (especially customs, survey, etc.).
– Packing and loading goods onto a vehicle
– Tracking the road and the message recipient arrival of the goods on terms
– Organization of the issuance of the goods at the destination, including customs clearance
– Delivery of goods to the warehouse receiver

This is not a complete list of services, freight forwarding and other can be added according to the type of goods and the requirements of the shipper or consignee.

The main task of forwarding company that takes the lead in organizing freight forwarding services – is to deliver cargo safe and within the specified period.

Cooperating with our company you will get first class service.